June 5, 2005

Random Post

This weekend was very random. Sometimes I compare my weekend with other people and somehow it makes me feel like I don't have a life. But I do. A busy one too. I did something I seldom do. I shopped. A lot! :) Bought a few thingys for the conference and found me a great costume for the conference Masquerade party. I still have shoes and stockings to buy for the costume but hopefully I can get that done this week.

I also saw a neurologist for my dizzy spells when I tilt my head, my imbalance problems. So it turns out it's migraines. (Did I spell that right?) Because of these migraines I have developed an inability to remember some things or lack of concentration. It was such an interesting visit to go see an uncommon doctor. The funny part is when he asked me to remember three words and I still only remember two which he said can be common. "Kangaroo and toaster"... I forget the other one. So to be sure everything in my head is okay we'll be doing an MRI - which makes it sound serious but very unlikely. Just better safe than sorry.

Below are a few photos of Isa's wonderful gymnastics performance and Olivia and I at the end of the year picnic a few weekends ago. And the cutest shoes I got over Memorial weekend. Nothing too crazy. Okay this was a boring post. :P

Because I'm the only one that can manage Isa's hair, we'll be having it braided for the first time. I'm very excited. :)

Upside down... thank God for those carriers so my hands would be free.

They're cute aren't they? I don't really wear high shoes... but this weekend I got me a pair. (Not pictured.)

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devon said...

i'm sorry you've been having headache problems.. :(

thanks your lucky stars for all you do have!!! like your gorgeous girls! awesome pics!!!

i can't wait to have kids.