July 12, 2005

She Turns 5!

We're finally all moved and as much as I'd like to talk about that... actually I rather not. It was a successful move and that's all you need to know! I'm so appreciative to all those who helped, you know who you are!!!! ;) Rick, Marc, Larry, Maria (not me), Dad, Mami... THANK YOU!!!!!

Isabelle turned 5 Sunday! And below are some pics from the day. We had a good time! :) She loved everything we did for her. We got her a gameboy advance (and some other stuff but the gameboy was a hit).... some simple games to go with it and she's doing real good. Now I have one more thing to monitor.... tv, gameboy... what's next?? It's all good! She earned it... hard worker! Good listener and you're only 5 once!

I hope to take her to the movies because she wants to see Willy Wonka but luckily she's seen the original... maybe her and I can critique and compare?!!! So much going on from the move. My office has a buzz light year wallpaper - wait I said I wasn't gonna talk about the move...We had an awesome dinner and had the restaurant sing her happy bday. She was so bashful and flattered!

Today I purchased my ticket to visit my darling friend Melissa in Philly! Mel... better get my suite ready! I want tulips.... the room needs to smell like vanilla and please bottled water... Here I come! I'm stayin' a full week and I can't wait. I'm draggin' Amy with me to bring double the pleasure double the fun... okay just double the fun. Forget the pleasure - sounds wrong. :)


devon said...


i want to come to philly!!!!

Melissa said...

Woohoo!! I will have your tulips waiting for you! ;-) I hope you enjoy your stay at the Chateau Melissa. I will be sure to pick up all my scrap fabric and paper off the floor! I hope that the condo associate finishes the work being done on my balcony by then so we can enjoy a glass of wine out there. Heehee!