August 30, 2005

August Flies By!!!! and BYE!

So this month just flew by and I have not had a chance to blog much. Sorry to those 3-4 readers of this blog. LOL :) Lets see... Olivia turned 1! yay! Isabelle started Kindergarten!!! Yay! Jamel and I took a short romantic getaway that was much needed!!!! Yay!!!

Okay it was a lovely, stressful and rushed month. My parents get to fly away to Puerto Rico this Friday! LUCKY! and I wish they would stuff me in their suitcase.... wishful thinking. In about 2 weeks or less I will be arriving in Philly to see Melissa and I just can't wait. I'm so thankful to my husband for allowing this 7 day trip. I mean lucky me... he knows how to care for our lovely daughters without any single problems... he knows the whole thing from a to z and I'm so proud. Thank you baby! :D:D

What else... gosh I'm so boring.... or maybe just tired. :) I shouldn't blog at night because by then my thoughts are limited. I'm a bit sad at all that's going on in the world right now. I keep thinking this all must be happening for a reason. The pain, the suffering, it can't just be pure coincidence. And I just answered a question in the How Design forum about your phobias.... I hate fire. Think about it, it hurts so much to get one little burn from an iron or from a hot pan, can you imagine your whole body in a fire? I pray I never burn! It's one of my biggest fears. It scares the crap outta me!!!!

Our new home is still coming together. I found that my neighborhood has 3 Starbucks. Well more so Jamel notified me that he found for me 3 Starbucks because I kept complaining that we moved to the middle of nowhere and he keeps finding places that I love or like to go to.... so living in Surprise is getting better. The commute is sorta of a stinker and I hope I get used to that. At first I liked it because I got some quiet time but now I get bored and get sleepy. Sleepy and driving - well it just doesn't mix.

Next subject.... ah no more I'm tired... below are some pics!

Olivia (well Isa) blows ou the candle! :)

She humors me, I humor her! We scream, I mean after all it's her bday!!!

Isa and Ollie break the presents opens! Oh look... HUGE Legos that won't stab your feet!!! Smart thinking Grammy!

A timer set photo in front of the patio in our hotel casita, romantic getaway! I'm not naked... but I look naked... but I'm not

The entrance view to our room/casita

This resort/spa was filled with lovely fountains and little romantic corners...

Another beautiful fountain area next to where we had breakfast!


Mary said...

Your girls are SO CUTE!
You & your husband are totally cute together too! How long have you been married? Sometimes a get-away is much, much, muuuuch needed! I feel that way a lot and I don't have any children. I can only imagine how it would be with kids!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Hi Mary!!! :) How are you? :) Thanks for the compliments. My wedding anniversary is coming up in October, we'll be married 6 years! That was a wonderful getaway!! :D I'm gonna go to your blog now... I have some spare time... wohooo!