August 5, 2008

Back to School

In the interest of learning the trade of "sewing", I have enrolled in my nearby community college for Sewing 101. If I could I'd go to a fancy design school to learn to sew (I have experienced the costs behind a fancy Art Design School), however in the interest of not putting myself in debt, I opted for the nearby community college. I am excited!!! I start in September. I am so intimidated by my sewing machine, but I know I could do so many projects on it if I just got a bit more familiar with the tools of the trade. Ladies and gentlemen, is back to school time!


Melissa said...

I wanna go too!!! I really want to learn how to make clothes. Every time I watch Project Runway, I wish I went to school for fashion design instead of stupid graphic design. :-( When I come in November, teach me everything you know!

Patricia said...

Lucky you! I'm determined that sewing is the 'new' thing I want to learn properly. I just got a small stash of fabric ready for my experiments. I can't wait to see what you make!

Mrs. Maria said...

I shall share what I do and I'm sure both of you are way more advanced than you think. I have not used my sewing machine for much more than a mending here and there and some cards I did a long time ago. I can't wait to learn this! My mom tried to show me but she is self-taught and it was hard for her to show me some things I wanted to know. So this should be a good start!