August 4, 2008

Friday Can't Come Soon Enough!

It is Monday and I know it is going to be a difficult week but we will load up with as much of a positive environment as I can and will roll along the way. I'll just think of my wonderful adventure on the East Coast.

Now I know it's over a week past due but I must brag about my Jersey/Philadelphia trip. It was beyond wonderful... and Melissa and her Rob couldn't have being more amazing hosts. I really appreciate her saying that I bring out her best and she brings out my best. Mel's energy and kindness was and is so contagious! I only wish we were closer in distance.

We started Friday with a little shopping at King of Prussia. We had to shop for our evening adventures.... following we went to an event called Making Time where the "can't get them out of my head" tunes from the Friendly Fires will forever stay with me on the dance floor. I bought me some of the music because every single time I hear the songs I time travel. I love it! I have not danced that much to date and it was AMAZING!!!! Following after the dance party, a slice of Lorenzo's Pizza. I couldn't finish the ginormoous slice, but it was cheese heaven. We made it home around 4am. Just perfect!

Saturday Mel surprised me with this stupendous gift, a Philadelphia City Food Tour. There we ate some rich and flavorful cheeses, candies and fresh brewed coffee. This was so fun and educational because the guide knew so much about food. I highly recommend it and now I'm eager to throw a "wine & cheese" party! Now... the weekend adventures could have not been complete without an evening of Karaoke. I will be the first to say I stink at it but Mel's friends were sweet enough to clap at the end instead of throw some tomatoes my way...

Sunday we rested of course and ate at this little diner that looked like it could be owned by your favorite grandma. It was so cute... we proceeded to stop for milkshakes before heading to the airport where we said our good-byes... no tears though as I know Mel & Rob will come my way (God willing) or I will come their way (no doubt). The best part of it all is that is was all good classic fun!!! Dancing, eating, singing! When I'm out with Mel and Rob I feel like the shoe fits and I'm so glad to wear it!!

I feel very honored to know them and to know we met online is just the craziest thing of all!!! Thank you Mel & Rob!!! I will never forget my solo-trip to the East Cost 2008!

On a side note... I bought me this skirt from Urban Outfitters. It was on SALE! LOL I think it's so cute... couldn't help myself. I also followed Mel's lead and bought some Sharma Designs earrings.


Melissa said...

Aww, tear! Come back soon!!! Very soon! Making Time is this Friday, ya know! Haha! :-)

Mrs. Maria said...

I wish flying wasn't so expensive. I'd hop on a plane in a millisecond!