November 26, 2008

Time is Flying By, Again!

I did it again. It's been a month, almost, since I posted and I feel extremely horrible about it. Work picked up and the holidays kicked in, which means the agenda is starting to fill up. I cannot believe it's the end of November already. I owe some photo posts too.

A quick proud announcement is the carrot cakes I made. My dad works for the Arizona Veteran Hospital and they were holding a fundraiser. He asked if I'd donate a couple of my carrot cakes which he refers to as the best carrot cake he's ever had. I'm often complimented on this particular cake and it's my pride and joy when it comes to baking. Yesterday when I followed up in regards to the fundraisier, (woohoo!) he shared with me that they sold at my suggested price, both of them!!!! I never sell my baked goods, just share them, so it was a joyful moment for me. I plan to make some more baked goods during the holiday season. Whoops, and I suppose I plan to expand the waistline a couple inches too! (p.s. sorry for the not so great iPhone photo of the cake)

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