January 22, 2009

The Linens Closet is a MESS!

I am so tired of the amount of blankets that we have that we don't use. Today felt like the perfect day to pile the ones I don't wish to decorate with ever again and pass them on to someone who might need a warm evening. Yes, that's the fancy way of saying I'm donating them. I just want to be a bit more organized. I tried to think back to when I started becoming so unorganized, and I'd say it happened after our second child. No, it's not Olivia's fault! Really, really. I just lost interest in keeping things in order when it comes to closets and clothes. Our garage too, that's next on the list. We WILL park one car in our garage this year. My goal for that one is the end of February. I'm also hoping to clear one room strictly for guests as right now our guest room is also a play room, and well the toys are just everywhere!!!! Especially those little McDonald Happy Meal toys. Maybe I'm being an over achiever, we'll see.

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