January 20, 2009

To Do Lists and the Steps I'll Take in '09

It's been a while since the New Year. A post is very overdue. I hope everyone that stops by had a great holiday season. I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year with my loved ones, which of course includes family and friends! My husband got me a cruiser bike which I'm in love with and the weather is now perfect for a stroll! If anyone has links to places where I can get an adorable white basket for it, do tell!!! I haven't Googled for one yet.

In a nutshell, I can't believe it's already almost the end of January of 2009! This month just flew by. I'm currently considering starting a new blog in WordPress, inspired by my hubby. I'll be working on that in the coming weeks... I just want to be sure I can maintain my blogs. I haven't been very good about this in the past, I know.

I'm currently reading the January issue of Real Simple. It's all about lists. However, I like the twist on a particular list they did, "the ultimate not-to-do list". Personally, I think I prefer that one instead of the "to-do-list" for 2009 or New Year Resolutions. I decided it be a good idea for I to create my own not-to-do list. I know it's somewhat intimate as it shares some of my fears, doubts and areas where I am insecure, but I do believe it be good to come back here and see my no-to-do goals from time to time. It will be my stepping guide for the months to come.

I will try my best not to do these things in 2009 (in no particular order and I will also borrow some from the original article because some really do apply to my way of being):

  1. I will not compare my success to others but be inspired by others.
  2. I will not feel incomplete because I don't have a full time job in an office environment but make my home office space a creative and fulfilling space.
  3. I will not overcommit but will do those things I find joy and value in.
  4. I will try my best to not over worry about things I can't control, but pray about those areas of concern.
  5. I will not obsess about the pounds I wish to lose but maintain a healthy gym routine and eating habits.
  6. I will not let drama from people I know consume me or my life or my family or be overly concerned with people who refused to stay positive.
  7. I will not let friends take advantage of me.
  8. I will not let my creativity fade but set up an area where I can remain creative at least once a week with projects that are not work related.
  9. I will not obsess on whether I am a good mother or bad mother but do the best I can to provide in the areas my children need me.
  10. Last but not least at all, I will not take my husband for granted, but appreciate him in every area where he provides, gives, listens and loves me day in and day out and I will invest in making sure we are always growing in our relationship and shared dreams.
That's it for now, I truly hope this year will be one to remember, one where positive changes are established, one that includes much growth for our small family of 4!


Jeope said...

Good luck with #1 – that one's a constant battle. Great list!

Mrs. Maria said...

Thanks Jeope. My biggest battle is probably #9 Since I've never been a mother before... heh, it just seems I'm always wondering if the way I do something is best for the kiddos. Thanks for stopping by! Hoping all is well with you! :-)