April 29, 2009

Will You Be My Friend?

Every Wednesday (almost every Wednesday) I have a training session at my gym. Every now and then my trainer will ask me if I've met anyone at the gym. To my surprise, my answer is usually a 'not really, just a few acquaintances'. I come and I go and keep to myself, not on purpose or as being anti-social, just more so that I'm usually on a schedule.

This morning as I finished my routine, I was doing my last exercise and there was a young woman in front of me doing her own routine. She asked me what the funny yellow sit up balloon I was on was for and I explained the details. I immediately introduced myself thinking "this shyness ends now, I need to make friends!"

In our 5-10 minute conversation I found out that I perhaps, assume who a person is by the looks of them. ** Shame on me, I know ** To my surprise she is a mother of 2, just like me, and has an older and younger child just like me and I felt for a moment that it was really easy to talk to her. Before I left she asked if I could show her how to use a machine because she didn't feel comfortable asking a trainer. "Yay, I didn't scare her away!"

In all honesty I'm hoping that I made a new friend and not just another acquaintance. I didn't want to be too forward or desperate and be like "Here's my number, can I have yours?", "Can we schedule a play-date for our kiddos?" Boy I sound like a dork! It's just as one gets older, it's harder to have solid mature friendships. I know most would agree!

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Mary said...

It's so hard to find time for it when you have a busy life! I always feel like I am imposing on others when I want to ask if they want to "hang out". LOL