August 18, 2010

Long Time No See

I can't believe the last time I blogged was February and it was a video post. I have been way over my head lately. I'm trying my best to simplify things, the more I try the more things storm my way and complicate themselve. A few things that happened while I was away...
  • Isabelle is now in 5th grade, it was a rough 4th grade year but she did it! And she figured out what it meant to be responsible in school work. She is now an amazing 5th grader. WOW!
  • Olivia made it through Kindergarten! We both had a rough start and separation anxiety but we survived, she is now in 1st grade and not a single tear has been shed, me on the other hand did become misty eyed.
  • We had an amazing summer! It was filled with movies, camping at Sea World, Sand Diego visits, pottery painting, play dates, ice cream, shopping, and some minor school work to keep their noggins working! We turned off the TV cable mid-June so there was not that much TV going on. We did do some gaming and Lego Harry Potter was a big hit with all of us.
  • Isabelle turned 10 and she had a wonderful small birthday party, I can't believe she's just 3 years away from 13, yikes! We are considering sports this year and Volleyball is at the top of the list.
  • Olivia turned 6 this past Monday... she can now decide if she wants earrings. :-) I always wanted them to ask for it and decide if they wanted piercings, I know 6 is still young to make decisions but I always felt I had no right to do this to their body. We did the same with Isabelle. Olivia has been asking since she was 4 so it's time.
That's it for now! I'll keep it short and sweet, have a lovely day!


devon spec said...

wow, .... i wanted to do lottie's ears in the mall at the piercing pagoda and i called craig and he FREAKED on me. now that i read that i kinda get it. it's not my right to do that to my kid either!!!! sounds like you've had a great summer maria. :)

Mrs. Maria said...

We had a fantastic summer! I need to post photos. I'll be doing Olivia's ears during fall break so I can keep those ears as germ free as possible! ♥