December 25, 2004

Jumping into childhood isn't so bad after all!

What an amazing Christmas eve... Do you ever feel as if your childhood has been put away inside a trunk and one night you decide to unlock that trunk and put on that good old "child suit". That's exactly what I felt on Xmas eve.

Can you believe I've never jumped on a trampoline... but girls whom I used to babysit dragged me with a "You've gotta try it -- C'mon". After screaming like a little baby... because I just couldn't handle the free fallin' feelin' at that moment I realized that was the highlight of my evening! These two girls who were babies when I used to watch them are now 12 and 13 and we sat and chit chatted for a little while and I remembered childhood, been 13, makeup, dress up, shoes, and the giggles.... Now that Xmas is over I sit full of this thankful feeling for those 30 minutes of trampoline jumpin' - girly talks - and that good old childhood warmth in the heart. I truly savored the moment and if you haven't in a while, you should too! Merry Christmas!

This a little project I did for a few loved ones! Makes a great "holiday" gift.

My 4-year old's first play. The Elves and the Shoemaker. Hopefully I spelled this right. There's nothing better than a children's play.

Now that Santa's been here... everybody's so happy! Isa shows off her Dora the Explorer music Cd and I beg my hubby to act excited about a duplicate gift he just got ( mine became the duplicate after my brother-in-law's)... darn!

... Even 4 month Oli got her share of goodies. :)

This is an embarrassment... considering how many people have nothing... our tree is absurdly filled with gifts. The funny thing is, they are mostly from relatives and friends and probably a handful of them are from my husband and I.

Check it out! Someone got new wheels!

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your family is gorgeous!!!

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now i can read through your blog!!!