December 28, 2004


So can you believe this... My mother-in-law happen to be in town until this morning. Yesterday morning I decided to take advantage of having her around and she helped me with my 2 little bugs in the morning. Due to having her help and letting my hubby sleep in I decided to go and work earlier than usual that way I could leave a little earlier (I work flex hours) and spend time with the family before they were to head out of town. Anyhow I'm all proud that I'm actually going to make it to work on time and earlier than usual! Yeepeee!

Except when I get to work I'm the second car there and I start to wonder if Monday is an actual work day or if we have it off... so I park and it's 6:48am. I think to myself "I can't possibly be the second person at work today, no way" - but the truth is "yes way!". So I'm parked and I see that no other cars are arriving as usual, like an ocean wave dropping off sea shells or something of that nature, that's what it looks like in the mornings around here. As I see that first co-worker walking about I realize that today might just be a "Holiday" for my company. DOPE!

I walk up to Bob and our conversation goes a little something like this:
Me: "Hey Bob, is today a work day"
Bob: "No ma'am"
Me: "Are you kidding me?"
Bob: "No ma'am"
Me: "I'm such and idiot"
Bob: "Second idiot ma'am"

Now Bob was not the first idiot, he was there to work. He's a do-it-all kind of guy and he was there to install a new compressor. The first idiot was another co-worker. All I could think was "I could've slept in"... And I was so tired. So I drove my little self home and jumped back into bed... Silly me!


Go Kayak said...

Don't feel so bad. My children were out of town visiting their grandparents before they were school age. It was great! All that week, I just had to get up and get myself ready for work. It was so much less hectic. I was usually the first one in the office because I had the timing down to miss all of the morning traffic problems. So it didn't phase me when I arrived and was the first one there. After an hour or so, I thought to myself, "Gee, it's really quiet in here, so I started walking around this huge empty offic." Then it dawned on was Saturday!

Melissa said...

Why did you guys have a holiday?? Hey, at least you got to go home! If I got to work and no one was here because of a holiday, I'd probably do cartwheels all the way home! Although that would take a while because I live pretty far away. But anway, we only have like 6 days off a year. Our next one isn't until Memorial Day. Boo hoo. Since Rob is a teacher, he has off like every other day. Lucky him. But it's good for me too because he has time to clean the house and do the laundry and stuff! :-)

Dave said...

Well, I guess to some degree it's better that than to think it's Saturday when it's only Wednesday! Nice blog!


Jeope said...

Thought I might add to this chain of HOWie comments. I wanted to say "Hi!" to you and all of your 'bugs'. I can't believe you got to work at 6:48 – I didn't even know there WAS a 6:48 in the morning. Incroyable!

Hey, did you know the person from Edmonton who commented earlier, or was that just random? Curious, is all.

Take care!

- Jeope (drcolossus)