February 23, 2005

The First Rainbow

So it's AZ and it hardly rains. But not this past month and a half.... Arizona is greener than ever. So much I think our dirt should be green. Anyhoo... as I was driving out I saw the brightest rainbow I've seen in a long time. They're usually faint and hard to see but this one was clear, bright and beautiful! So... it reminded me about the story of the first rainbow. Now a long time ago I shared this with [hehe, it started raining right now], my husband and I was surprised he had never heard it. So if you've never heard it... here it goes:

The First Rainbow

God told a man named Noah to build and Ark. After Noah built the Ark, he loaded his family and two of every kind of animal on board. Then God sent rain that flooded the earth.

After the rain stopped, the ark finally came to rest on top of a mountain. Months later, Noah opened a window and looked out. The land was dry. Then Noah, his family, and all the animals left the ark. They were happy to be back on dry land. The first thing Noah and his family did was build a special altar. They thanked God for keeping them safe. Then God made a promise not to flood the whole earth ever again. And he placed a rainbow across the sky to remind everyone of his promise. ~ Genesis 9:13 (written out by Grolier Books The Beginners Bible)

So... that's it. Now my mom or someone told me this when I was little because I remember this from way back when... and you don't have to believe it but it's rather nice to know more about the dear arch that decorates the skies from time to time! :)

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