April 14, 2005

New Book, Taxes Done...

I got this great book from the talented Ash. She custom designed it just for me. Once I've cleared my commitments (such as the Howiezine) I will be collaging in it. I'm very excited and very pleased with the turnout. I'm so sorry I have not written much. Details of this very moment... Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie on the background for the millionth time, my 4 year old just loves the movie (though we skip thru some stuff here and there). Olivia's taking a nap. Hubby's waxing his beloved car and I'm getting ready to have about 6-12 people over for bible study. So that means I've got to get off the computer. Oh and my taxes are finally done as I efiled federal and certified mailed the state. We owe but thankfully not as much as a few years back. Okay... tata for now.

If you want to see more of Ash's beautiful work visit her site at http://www.handbound.com
I'm so ready to lay stuff on it.


Jeope said...

I'm printing my zine pages this week. I can't wait to get the HOWiezine in the mail.

Hey Mrs. Busy!

devon said...

i love it! i have a couple of ash's books, one bought, one a gift. she is a true talent. i just wish more people would appreciate true craftsmanship like this.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Jeope... you're moving fast. I just started last night. :( I'm going to try and finish by Wednesday.

And Devon... Ash did a beautiful job. I love the paper. I did buy it and I consider it a treat. I'm not very good at collage but I'd like to be good at it. :) The pages feel so good. I can't wait.