May 24, 2005

On my way to make this new house thing official!

Okay... I'm very thrilled. I've been piled with a sick family and everyone's on their way to recovery... and as of now I'm going to head out and sign the papers for the *new* house! :) Lets cross our fingers and hope everything goes well! I hear the *chi-ching!* sound in my head. I'm so thrilled!!!!!!! ~ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.... I don't wanna loose control but I think I like it ~ tata for now!


Mary said...

The house you just sold was soooo cute! I loved the soft, buttery yello in the living area...

Did you do the kids rooms yourself? I love the little girl's room colors - green & pink looks so cute together!

Jeope said...

Maria, things will be so nice once you're in this place. It's all the process and procedure that sucks!

We have a countdown started on our calendar now. 42 days until possession. Whoooo!

Come on, sing with me: Whoooo!