May 27, 2005

So where are we going to live?

That's the question of the hour. The selling end of our home went well. The buying of our new home has gone to poops... :( Today is the day!!! If we don't get to sign today we have to figure out what to do... find another house *tear* or move to an apartment *many tears*. I want to talk more but my head's all over the place. I'm also up to some fun little pranks. BUHAHAHAHAHHA! Tell ya later!

The home we are hoping to get if God permits! :D


Jeope said...

Looks like it's got a garage. Nice and cool.

What is that on the front yard? Some sort of Arizona grass?

I shouldn't be pokin' atcha in the state you're in. Best wishes and good karma buzzin' your way to get that deal done.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Don't worry, pick on me all you want. :) I'm fine. I'm fine... really!

I'm mad at the lenders and how they acted so lazy... that's why things are out of place.

Arizona homes have a lot of "wannabe" grass. :) The trees are so dry looking.

It's hard for me being a caribe girl! I use to hate AZ for about 2-3 years when I moved here in regards to:

1. the heat
2. no green... everything was brown

Due to all the rain last year, things look a lot prettier. I do miss palm trees and green hills a lot... even after 13 since I left Puerto Rico.

There's this beautiful area in AZ called central which has a lot of green trees and old home. It's a lot $$$ to live there but it's gorgeous and close to downtown Phoenix. One day!