May 5, 2005


Well it's time to say goodbye to our beautiful first home. We just sold our home of 4 1/2 years last Thursday and it was so close to being perfect... just a bit small. We sold it for twice what we bought if for because that's what we were offered. Quite impressive! I'm going to miss it but we've just purchased a new home, brand new!!!

I'll show pics when we're done with the buying process... but now it's time so say goodbye. I'm actually pretty sad but we are doing what's best for our family and... we'll be quite close to being debt free.

Here we welcome you to our humble home:

Bad pic, I know, but the sun was right on our house.

A pic of the "sold" sign!

The table and chairs were a creative process. The table's actually a picnic table and the chairs were purchased at a garage sale for, get this, $60 for all 6 chairs!

A professional muralist who was self taught painted the girl's rooms.

I love this bathroom. I put that floral piece together on my own!

The love room! Teehee!


Jeope said...

Maria, you've got a new house? You got to scream it from the mountaintop, like I did! Major kudos!

When're you moving?


Princesa de Chocolate said...

Well these pics are from the house we just sold. We'll be moving at the end of May to Surprise AZ. I now live in Glendale AZ which isn't that far from Phoenix. Arizona cities are very close to each other. However, Surprise will be further away from my job and Isa's current Montessori school where she has one more year to finish their program. :) Okay here we go in my screaming voice:


Jeope said...

Right on. I heard that before I read it.

Surprise! That's a great name.

devon said...

that is awesome maria!!!! i love the old house! the strawberry shortcake room is AWESOME!!!! love the murals too. who did them?