June 25, 2005

Done! Lets Celebrate!

So as of yesterday the house is signed. We move all next week. We have the greatest realtor. She gave us all these gifts as a thank you or a little incentive due to everything we went thru to actually get to this point. In a way she need not to do that but I really admire her for it: 2 massages, a bundle of cash to buy a bbq pit and bbq pit utensils (not sure what you would call them). We've been very lucky to have her... I mean we've been on this house hunting thing since the end of April and she's pulled thru beautifully. Seems forever ago! Yesterday I ate too much crap! I went to McDonalds for breakfast, Chilis for lunch (though I had a chicken pita) and Mimi's Cafe for dinner. What a load of bad food for the most part! Especially the gigantic brownie with ice cream, hot fudge and caramel that we ordered for Isa and we all ended up eating from. (And Dave thanks for the drunk Dial... it adds a little spice to the evening's quiet ride home from dinner ;P.) We rented Hitch...uhhh it was okay until the script, acting and entire movie fell apart. And I dozed off... so obviously it wasn't that great.

Today should be thrillin' (in my sarcastic voice)... because we'll prolly be packing. I'm taking Isa to a bday party at a pump-it-up place. Those bouncy inflatable things. But this birthday party starts at 9:30.... ah! :( So here I am up at 6:00 as I figured it would be best. Because to walk out the door at 9:00... I need to be up at least 2 hours early. That's the case with kids. That's my life right now.

~ Fun ~

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