June 28, 2005

Running Into... My Insecurities

It was for the most part a very pleasant day... we got our keys for the new house and I'll be moving on the 2nd. (Happy Bday Amy!, her bday's on the 2nd). And I took some time for myself today to buy some comfy shoes:

They are cute and appear to be very comfortable. At this point my brain is very very dead... as matter of fact each letter of what I'm typing seems to be merging together. Anyhow... I went to the mall to buy the shoes - not my favorite place to go. Now don't think that when I say that I don't like the mall that I mean I don't like shopping... nah nah nah... what I mean is I dislike going INTO the mall... in the mall is where I face all my insecurities as a woman. It's where I hate everything from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I hate to sound ungrateful because overall I feel like I'm an okay looking woman... at least I think so... until I step in the mall. In the mall I hate what I feel is an outdated hairdo, I hate my shoes, the size of my body, how tanned I'm not (LOL)... even the socks that I'm wearing. And in all I think that's what a mall is suppose to do... make you feel all insecure so that you will solve those insecurities by buying things that distract you from those flaws you see or feel.

Okay I don't know if I'm making much sense at this point. It's not even that late right now... but somehow my brain has shut down and I'm beginning to sound like an a**. LOL :) Good night everybody... I doubt all that many people will be reading this. :D

OMG! How could I forget... Olivia walked today! *applaud* :)


Jeope said...

Seriously, the mall? Maybe if you were like, sixteen. You gotta think positively. Think about your kids. Or your sweet boss. Or your house. Or your cookie chimp. I've seen the conference pics; you've got nothing to feel insecure about.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Jeope, thank you for shakin' me a little bit... "What's wrong w/you woman'?" :D I hope that post included a slap... how immature of me... I'm 26 - not 16... you are so right! Still... all these perfect people walking around just build insecurities, we all have them. Or at least I think so.

Now I can't wait to decorate this new house and Olivia... OMG... she's walking she's walking. I'm gonna do a mini movie for you all to see! ;D

devon said...

insecurities are the feelings that come along with being female maria. you're not alone sista. i do have days where i only hate my appearance 90 percent instead of 100. lol!!!

i'm sorry though. you are gorgeous. and a personality full of life to boot!

take comfort in knowing you have what a lot of people want. you're great. i always told you you're mah heeeeroooo!! and er'thing i would like to beeee!!!