September 10, 2005

MMM! Thank You!

Hmmm.... It's late - well not really. I'm feeling this thankful heart this very moment. These days my head is filled with confusion about my career, my talent, my walk.... and while I can hear advice from every end of the street, the final decisions are up to me. Sure there's influence, but the final decision is up to me. I realize without sounding cocky, that I can be a beautiful person towards people. I find pleasure in being the best I can to even a complete stranger. Despite of a lot of things that have happened in my life that could push me to be a whining baby, I rather look up, smile and say thank you! At least today - I'm sure! Thank you because HE spoils the hell out of me and makes sure my everyday is filled with devoted love. Thank you that I know he LOVES me without saying a word. Thank that my daughters hug me, know me, love me, laugh at me and that I can be silly enough to make them laugh! Thank you for the friend that made me laugh so hard - I thought I'd pee my pants. Thank you that I can be trusted. Thank you for my new friends, some which I've never met, but heard their voice or crossed words through a monitor and a keyboard. Thank you that I can see, beautiful art, beautiful people, their flaws and their perfections. Thank you that I had today to think of what I can do tomorrow.... thank you! :D:D I love you chance, opportunity, life, flaws, perfection, mistakes, forgiveness, confussion, resolution... (no I was not drinking).


devon said...

you SURE you werent drinking???.... ;-D

just kidding! i love that post maria. you optimistic bitch you.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I wasn't drinking really. But gosh I should have so I could justify my thoughts. LOL :)