October 2, 2005

Can we just skip Monday?

Here we are... another week has ended. Monday comes around and I just wish we could just go straight to Saturday! This was a very mellow weekend. Friday after work I went shopping for some much needed materials to start collaging and building some cards (for Halloween). Time flies when you're entertained. I had been meaning to watch Kung Fu Hustle (not sure if I spelled that right). I have this bad habit of falling asleep while watching movies. Unless we're at the movie theater... there I don't fall asleep (except this one time - um yea Star Wars Episode I, don't kill me, I was 8 mo. pregnant in the middle of the summer and it was a midnight showing... yea yea I didn't deserve those tickets, I agree) back to the story... so I fell asleep at the end of Kung Fu Hustle and until we own it, (which we will), I won't know the end.

There are a few movies that I have been immune to falling asleep to. The Princess and the Warrior and Amelie, Love Actually, Hope Floats... I see a pattern. Romance = Stay Awake?! Who knows! Cheesy I know but who am I trying to impress? Exactly! I was so mad at myself when I fell asleep watching The Last Samurai. But... the next day I watched the parts I missed. It's such a beautiful movie! And no, I'm not saying this because Tom Cruise is in it... it's a movie filled with "character". Anyhoo... so Saturday I made some cards, watched a movie, a family movie with Isa and Jamel and she felt so special. We made her popcorn and sat all together like a family and had a very good time :)

Today was a fun family day as well... Isa was invited to a Rollerblading bday party. It was the cutest thing! :) Isa skated, Jamel skated and I took pictures. I'm usually the one in action so it was nice to just kick it and take pictures. Once home, my parents visited us as I hadn't seen them in 3 weeks. It was a delight to have them over. Now the weeks comes along and I just don't want to face the work and responsibilities (spelling?). Oh but we should celebrate that October has begun!!! It is such a wonderful month. I wish AZ had a dramatic season change more so visually... the fall colors creeping in... the blowing wind... Arizona just doesn't have that. All the seasons practically merge with the same look season after season! LOL. Okay I've rambled, which is what I usually do in the quiet evenings. Ciao for now!

From top, left >> right:
Natalie, aka Bday Girl with Isa! My favorite new shoes. Isa and Shereen, ready to skate. Isa wanting to play video games. Ollie and I. Ollie making the funniest face (she wasn't mad or crying, just being silly) and Jamel :). And finally the gang! They are at this point begging bday girl to pick their present next and tired... LOL.


Melissa said...

Aww, I love when you post pics! Your girls are just too cute! That picture of Jamel and Olivia is the funniest thing! Oh, and nice shoes by the way! :-) Rob and I went to South Street on Friday night and I was like, "This is where Maria got her fun sneakers! And this is where we ate our cheesesteaks! And this is where Amy bought her purse!" *tear* Miss you lots!

Jeope said...

Kung Fu Hustle has no end. It just gets weirder and weirder...my inner ten-year-old absolutely loved it.

Hey Maria! Nice kicks!

miro said...

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Princesa de Chocolate said...

:) I need to post more pics of the girls and my bday pics too!

Kung Fu Hustle was good (at least all I watched) and I laughed pretty hard! :) LOL A must own!!!

These spammer are always so "impressed" with my site!!!! Even when I update 1x per month. Heh!