September 24, 2005

In Love with Cities

Cities... what is it about them, they make my heart go crazy!!What is it about the trash on the streets or the over crowded corner stores that makes my heart smile.... feel joy. What is it about not needing an alarm clock because the streets are so loud? Love every piece of it. What is it about the cab, the attitude, the boldness of a city that just feels like "home".

Don't know really. But I MUST live in a city soon. I loved Philly and NYC. Jersey feels a bit like Arizona, quiet... except it's green and gorgeous! The temperatures are just perfect for walking, jogging....

My dear friend Amy and I took a red-eye flight to Philly on Thursday (15th I think). Arrived in North Carolina around 5:30 am, had some Starbucks and jumped back on the same plane to Philly. Our tour guide, Melissa, greeted us with finger puppets and a cute brochure outlining the events that would take place. We kicked back and did some shopping on Friday, then packed for our departure to the CIIITTYY~

Arriving at NYC was just as I imagined. Busy streets, in motion from every end. It was in my opinion PERFECT! We took a cab to our hotel. We arrived at the Waldorf-Astoria and since we were early for check-in, walked over to a restaurant to have something to eat. We then again shopped some more.... :) We covered the areas of So-Ho, Chinatown, Little Italy ( I think I labeled these right ). Little Italy was the funniest... we heard the funniest random comments. We even payed a $1 to see " The World's Smalles Woman ".

We then went back to the hotel. There we dressed in sparkles and fun makeup (such as fake eye-lashes) and went to a bar ( that turned out to be filled with men that were not one bit interested in women - Amy was :( sadddd ). We finished our drinks and headed to a place the hotel had recommended called CopaCabana... but the girls didn't want to salsa all night so I asked around and a girl recommended "The Meat Packing District".... Hmmmmm... We found a place called Aer Lounge where we danced all night! Mel used all her battery life so we took her back to the hotel - however Amy and I were still on west coast time so we had a few hours to spare... we asked some cops around for places to eat and alas!!! we found the Morning Star dinner... It was yummy. We ordered the typical dinner food such as grilled cheese and milk shakes. Yum! After that it's like 5:30am and we decide we should rest a bit before starting up our Sunday....

Sunday we wake up around 10am and get ready, check out and eat at a yummy place called Metro Cafe. Then we proceed to explore tourist areas like Time Square and Central Park. LOVED CENTRAL PARK (during the day of course). By the time we hit Time Square Amy and I realized we LOVE NYC and we have not gotten enought of it. We decide to stay one more night. We should've "forced" Mel to stay with us but she felt that she couldn't. Mel... you could have!!! :) Really - did you see yourself Saturday!!!! Mel was kind enough to give us instructions as how to get back to Jersey. And we said our goodbyes. I felt horrible leaving Mel. I know I didn't tell her... but I had never felt so bad... it's like the power of 3 was gone. But my heart also wanted to see more of New York. And Mel I know I didn't tell you but we really DID miss you all the time. We kept thinking, Mel should be here. :(

Somehow we found a hotel that Sunday night for a great rate... $175 + tax so it ended up at $200. We went to a restaurant called Maria Pia (LOL). Then went back to The Meat Packing District - found a place called Lotus. We danced the night away there too! Okay this is such a long post... I will shorten the story.... we went back to Jersey... rested Monday night. Had a superb blast on Tuesday night at Pod's and Olde City (I think that was the name). That night was so so much fun! (Thanks Mel!!!! FOR EVERYTHING!!!! For the comfortable stay at your place, for driving us around, for putting up with us, for everything from a to z. :P For not posting the crazy photos!!!! * hearts * ) I'll let the pictures below tell the rest.... Ciao for now!

Meet the finger puppets from left to right: The Professor, McDuffy, and Lola la Monkey.

We wait for the train and "strike a pose".

Here's Mel and Monk, I mean Rob.... " can you feel the love "

Walking around New York City... Boo!

Make up, sparkles... time to party!

Mel and Spidey... ( I can't believe Spider Man charges for pics )

Oh almost forgot, that Saturday night Mel fell and bruised both of her knees :( Ouch! I tried to catch her... :( Poor Mel! * tear*

A nice italian restaurant: Maria Pia - Great Food!!!

Lotus... at The Meat Packing District

More Lotus... at The Meat Packing District

Monday we found a Puerto Rican restaurant that was so so good!!! Those empanadas were so good!!! And we lost our take-home bag at a vintage store *tear*

Goint out... Tuesday night... YAY!

Amy and Mel strike a pose... They look beautiful!!!!

Cheers to one of my favorite colors: Yellow. I have this habit of pulling my hair back and looking at this picture... I dictate that as a "bad" habit.

Cheers to Orange.

Cheers to Purple!

All gone! (I got a "blue" after.)

There's always that guy that wants to jump in for a photo... and he's always in his mid-50's. LOL

Look at Amy... she's struggling!

I bet this looks all wrong... what am I laughing at... at what he's saying... he's saying his brother is taking Amy home (haha - ya' right! over my dead body!) and he goes on to say something about how he "carries himself well for 23".


This is "the brother" Giovanni.... and Amy.

Of course we have to have our Philly sandwiches!

It was so good!

Yummy for ma' tummy!

Lola and I get sad about leaving the east! :( * tear * We'll come back soon! That's a promise!!!!

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I miss the Eastcoast! * tearrrsssss * and Chicago too!!!!