February 20, 2006

A Short Sweet Trip: Sedona

Jamel and I went to Sedona (this was suppose to be our Valentine's gift to each other)... and what a wonderful gift it was. I had not been to Sedona in ages and Jamel had never been. We had a fabulous time and shall go back eventually because we were only able to stay over the night. Next time we need to stay a little longer.

We stayed at a lovely resort called Amara. The resort had a creek pathway that was so wonderful and peaceful. Jamel and I had much needed quiet time. It was chilly and lovely and just - what's the word I'm looking for... 'perfect'.

The perfect little getaway creek

I'm so tired today - and ready for bed but not without first posting some photos. Somebody must have snuck Olivia an energy bar because tonight - she was by far the most energetic I've ever seen her.

This was such a perfect photo log... Jamel sits...

I surf it...

Going to dinner at the resort's restaurant

Doesn't he look smashin' xo! hot!

I kept it simple... all black with a hint of earthy

The view from the restaurant's patio


devon said...

maria! you look amazing! what have you been doing?!?!

i LOVE your BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!


you guys are HOT. ;)

lew! said...

wow! that looks like a beautiful place.

i have been itching to get out of the city w/ emily lately, just for a weekend. But i might wait til it warms up a bit - she isn't too happy in the cold.

glad you 2 had a nice time!

Mary said...

I was going to say the same thing as Devon! I wanna go to Sedona!

I love the west *sigh*

Melissa said...

Love the sexy bangs!! Look at what a gorgeous couple you are! And is that a colorful stripey scarf I see?? I didn't think you could wear scarves in AZ! :-)

I wish Rob and I could get away for a weekend. But I'm like lew's emily...I'm not happy in the cold. And besides, Rob and I went over our calendars yesterday...we have like 8 of the next 10 weekends booked up with obligations! Boo!

Uh, anyway, I'm rambling in this comment. :-D

devon said...

hey maria,.. what kind of jeans does jamel have on in that pic? i love them -craig had gay carpenter jeans, and then got some cool ones, but they hug the "boys"... and they are old navy. there has to be cooler jeans than old navy right?

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Come to AZ Sedona... you guys will love the peacefulness. It wasn't super cold, I'm kinda' of a wimp sometimes...

You guys thanks for the sweet compliments about my hair. :) Dev, you crack me up... I asked Jamel and he said Levi's 559 Relaxed Straight Leg. * wink * JcPenney....