February 16, 2006

Be Mine!

I hope your Valentines was as wonderful as mine. I had a great tiring day. I was living my Valentines on 4 hours of sleep so I was a little grumpy in the morning. Entirely by choice of course... I had been working on some computer stuff.

Cute shirt and headband... :) So festive!

So dramatic... she did not want her pic taken at this moment.

Isa loves the camera...

Olivia eventually came around and let us take her V-day pics!

A pic of the whole outfit.

Isa and Ollie had their share of Valentine's and chocolates. Isabelle had a shoe box full with chocolates and cards and Ollie the same from day care (even though she's 1). So you know who gets to eat Ollie's chocolate. Sure I'll give her some... but lets be honest, one year olds don't need chocolate on a daily basis. * wink * Actually I rather Isa eat it... she can burn that candy off in seconds... me it requires an hour + on a treadmill...

Red roses... amore!

I got some beautiful red roses from Jamel. I'm sure at first you think it's well... 'ordinary'. But Jamel and I have this rule where he doesn't really buy me flowers because it's just too easy. We set this little rule up in '97.... We've been married for 6 years and together for 8 and I can count the amount of flowers I've received with one hand. They're expensive... beautiful but expensive. He always figured a way to give them to me in different formats such as cards with flowers, bag with flowers, candy filled bouquets... etc.

For a long time we handn't done a traditional chocolate/flowers Valentines... we always went a different route and I like it simple... we always keep it simple. It's our style. (Except this year we're spending a little more and going away to Sedona for a weekend.) I was extremely impressed when I received flowers at work on Tuesday. :) I love 'em. I do... I just want them to be special when I get them... I don't want to get them all the time and the timing was perfect. I also got a huge gorilla... the cutest thing, and big box of chocolate (now about 1/2 full). I got him his favorite brownies, along with other random items that I thought he'd enjoy like Dave Chappelle's 2nd season DVD (he already has the first).

Oh the chocolate chip, as classic as the
flavor sounds it's the best ever!

About the brownies... they are the best ever and if you ever want fairytale brownies then you must get them from Fairytale Brownies at http://www.brownies.com. They are truly a moist chocolatey fresh bite of chocolate and the flavors and so balanced... ORDER THEM! You will not regret the shipping pennies...


Alessandro_PPG said...

Hy Estou dando uma espiadinha em seu blogger! Congratulations!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Que tal!

Jamel said...

Actually while I appreciate the gift, I like your brownies much better.