March 6, 2006

Take a deep breath....

This week and last week was somewhat emotionally exhausting and the weekend sure made up for it. It was extremely relaxing!! I would say I had a somewhat of a storm in my heart between last week and this week. A series of multiple events where taking place and caused me to hit a low low... Somehow it's all been sorted out. The storm will pass or it's passing as we speak.

Last night I made some time to do a card. I keep using Red, Gold, and Black and I really need to walk into other color schemes because this one's getting old. However this card is pretty original, and quite feminine. I posted it on Craft Happens as well.

I'm quite happy with it. There are a couple things I'd change. I might actually make some more of these using other colors. I ran out of glue! I think I'm going to get a Xyron adhesive machine in order to save some time on the gluing time. I have a 40% off coupon and it's the only way I'd justify paying $150+ for the machine.

This weekend we watched Elizabethtown - and I give it 3 stars out of 5. Some scenes were beautiful and some were a bore... I love the part where Susan Surrandon (spelling?) does a tribute to her passed away husband with all the things he was really good at like telling jokes, dancing, laughing... that part touched my heart. We also started watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith together but I got too tired and crashed! Jamel says it was better than he expected. I'll get to watch it eventually.

Saturday we took Isa and Olivia to a bday party - one of her classmates was turning 6. It was at Peter Piper Pizza and quite fun! :) I had asked Jamel the other day what he'd like for his bday because it's coming up and I'd like to make it really special and he hadn't really answered... until we were at the Pizza place and he asked for a Peter Piper Pizza party lol - he's such a big kid! Heh!

Sunday I decided to try a church close by. I hadn't been to church in close to a year - it feels like it's already been a year. This church was HUGE! WAY HUGE! SUPER HUGE!! It's got it all... it's got too much. I could go again but my first experience was rather overwhelming for many reasons. I kept asking where the kid's ministry was and it ended up being in a completely different building. Leaving church included a long parent line to pick up Isa from children's ministry, only to find her all upset. Everything felt rush rush not a let me show you what we're all about. Isa noted that she didn't want to come back. :( Leaving the parking lot took longer than expected. For a moment I felt as if I was leaving a concert. Now the service was pretty great but I think I need to find something more in the medium size. It left me thinking when is a church too big? If you bring your kids you either have to drop them off in their indicated children's ministry or watch the service in the family room in the big screen. I understand all of this because children can be a distraction and you go to church to focus on God and his word so it really is best to drop the little ones in class/babycare but what I found funny is that the main service room had huge projector screens too, and the room was so big that I ended up watching the service in the big screen anyways... I couldn't even see the stage.

I really want to find a church home and the journey back to it seems harder than I thought. The one I used to go to is further than I'd like to drive and commuting all week is enough for me, I rather not commute in the weekends too. Well that's it for now and I'm sorry you had to read all this! LOL

Happy Monday!

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Jeff said...

Just wanted you to know that yes, people are reading this. ;)

I'm glad things are sorting themselves out for you...sorry you had a rough patch.

I'm excited to hear you are trying to go back to church! But I'd definitely recommend finding a smaller neighborhood type church where you can plug in and get more involved. It will ultimately be soo much more rewarding to you. Michelle and I have spent a year searching for the right church here, and think we've finally found it. We really like the Pastor and his messages Sunday mornings. Though the worship part of the service still leaves something to be desired.

Anyway, I'm rambling, God bless and Happy Easter!