September 20, 2006

Un Nuevo Blog

Here we have a new template that was taken from a template site... isn't it perfect. It's just all me! Thanks to MR. Chocolat, my beloved I was able to get it working properly. I will need to sit down and do some catching up. Most of the night (as I planned to blog) I spent it watching my beloved getting the code to work. What took him about an 45 minutes, would've taken me 6 if not 10 hours. So here I give you a template, eye candy, vintage beauty, called "Magic Paper". I believe a credit to it's owner is due! I missed you darlings! I'm sorry I was long so long... getting things in order.

I'm back! I'm back!


Jeope said...


And the redesign? BOO-yah, also.

Calvin Lee said...

Copy Catter! Yeeearrrgghhhh! ;-)

Melissa said...

More! I need more!!!! That only took me a minute to read. That does not aid in my procrastination at all. Get writin', missy!

Purty blog, by the way. :-) Miss you!

Dave said...

ain't it cute?