May 8, 2006

Catching up...

This past weekend Isa had her end of school year picnic. Next year she'll be attending first grade. I for one I'm very excited and so is she. She got her first major graduate award. Whoa! :) and a reading certificate. She also got a shirt with all the handprints and signatures of her classmates. (That one left me all emotional) Here's a few golden moments:

Here I am racing with Shereen (Isa's classmate).
This stuff hurts, especially when you have a 6 year old wanting to win... it was tons of fun! :o) (somebody needs more color on their legs, and it's not Shereen.)

Isa and Jamel get ready to do the legs tied up race.
They had more team work than Shereen and I ~ lol

Here we have Olivia enjoying a good 'ol slide! Weeee!

My 10 Year Reunion ~We were able to catch up with Joey and Sarah. :o) And some good old friends. I wasn't very 'into' highschool, and a lot of the people I knew skipped the event. I'm still glad I went! It was lots of fun and we had some great laughs!

Here's a card I made for Jamel's bday. One of my best thus far. I loved the pop like paper. It had 'romantic' messages throughout. It was perfect for the occasion. He turned 29! Woohoo! He looks magnificent! (aka HOT!) I got him some gifts he'd been wanting and made him a wonderful dinner! It was a some penne pasta in tomato basil pesto with grilled chicken dressed with spinach and toasted pine nut pesto, along with some wine. For dessert some toasted pound cake with amaretto and apricot preserves, topped with toasted almonds. It was awesome and all from scratch except the pound cake. :0)

I need to wrap this up as I have some freelance to finish! :o) See you soon!


Jeope said...

Hey, got any cake left? And fifty bucks to overnight it?

Just askin'.

But seriously, that's a mighty fine card. Good jorb!

Jeff said...

Good stuff! I always love it when you post photos of your family, you all always look so happy! Lovin' the birthday card too, you should post it to Craft Happens! Look at me plugging Michelle's sites now, lol!

I am such a dork!

Mary said...

What an awesome card! Do you stitch by hand or do you have a machine? I wish I had a machine because I can't sew a straight line!

My 10 year reunion is coming up this year too and I really dont want to go. I have a feeling it won't even happen! Maybe It'll be while I am in Vegas so that I have a good excuse :)

Princesa de Chocolate said...

LOL Jeff. I have a few things to post on Michelle's blog.

Mary I used a Machine... I could never do it that neatly by hand, not that I haven't but it's a 1-2-3 on the machine. (I borrowed it from a friend HEHEHE)

gosh when I see you at the conference I think I'm bringing you cookies! LOL :) That way they'll be fresh!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Hello! How are you?

Melissa said...

New blog post! New blog post! I demand it! Although I don't mind popping into your blog and seeing that ADORABLE picture of Olivia going down the slide. But c'mon, gimme sumthin to read! :-)

Jeope said...

* crickets *

Heywaitaminute ... what happened to those Vegas cookies?!!!

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Jeope said...

Ha! You got spammed. That's like the blog version of cobwebs.

Seriously though, how was Isa's college graduation?

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