October 24, 2006

Lucky 7! Lucky for me!

It is amazing to think that 7 years ago... I said I do.... to an amazing man! This very day I have no doubt that I want to spend the next 7 plus ++++++ years... the rest of my life with him. Amazing because now day marriages crumble so quickly before us. In this darn age, marriage is not easy.

I'm not sure what allows our marriage to work. We didn't drink a 'magic love potion'. I suppose is our commitment to one another, our sacrifices, our devoted hearts, our never ending will to love one another no matter what. Our will to work through our problems. No - it's not perfect but then again it is, it's perfect for us.

I am extremely over joyed today! I want to tell the world that when I look into the eyes of my Jamel I see love, that after 7 years I am sure that I am blessed. That seeing him be a husband, father and my very best friend is a beautiful site. Our love is one I am 100% confident of, it is a love that I hope we can continue to grow and one that we can plant in the hearts of our children.

Jamel I'm sure you'll eventually read this... I love you, without a doubt you are one in a million! I am honored to be your wife! I promise to continue to become the best wife, mother and best friend I can be! Happy Anniversary Love!!! :)


Jeope said...


Cute. Maria's all smitten. What a great opportunity to ask for some cookies.


Jamel said...

Awww... thanks baby!

Melissa said...

That was so sweet! I hope I feel the same way about my hubby 7 years from now. Although we'll probably be trying to push each other down the stairs by that point. :-)

Note to self: Buy a one-story home.

Mary said...

Awww...I'm a little late, but happy anniversary! You guys are both sweet folks! I'm happy for ya! :)

devon said...

ew gross......

just kidding, you're so farkin' cute. both of yas. and the kids ain't bad either. ;)