November 14, 2006

As usual...

I fall behind on my blogging. So much has taken place the last couple of weeks. Great things indeed! Work has been moving forward. I have been at my new job for about 3 months now, which give me VIP access to benefits! Haha!

We celebrated Halloween somewhat quietly this year. Normally I find my way to dress up and go somewhere where I can get away with my "costume". This year I had a lot going on and ended up staying home the Saturday before Halloween (which I wanted to go out badly just a big plate of to do things)... I did however take the little ones trick-or-treating. Isabelle and Olivia ended up being 2 characters. Isabelle was a character based on a book they had in class, and she picked the Venus Fly Trap as her character to dress up as. In the evening she was none other than Harmonie (or her own version of a Gryffindor student from Harry Potter). She looked so studious, intelligent and powerful all at the same time. Grown up too... she's growing too fast.

Venus Fly Trap, close-up shot.

Venus Fly Trap costume, full shot!

Isabelle as Harmonie from Harry Potter.

Isabelle casts a spell!

Olivia's doll costume. Can you see her freckles?

This is one of my favorite Kodak moments of Olivia...
a real tantrum caught on camera. Haha!

Olivia is much happier now that she is having a piece of candy.

As far as out little Olivia, she was a doll in the AM and a cute little cheerleader that HAD to have candy on the PM. When the moon came out she threw a tantrum as in "I'm not going to smile unless I can eat a piece of candy from our hand-out basket. The photo above proves that!

Random photo of Pirate hat my good friend Patti made for me!
I figured it be good to post it along with the costumes! Arg!!

October quickly rolled into November delivering to our west side of the world, my lovely friend Melissa and Roberto to visit AZ. I miss them terribly now that they have departed. I loved having them and my other friend Amy over! My house was filled with all my favorite people... I had the best time ever hosting them and having them over! I only wish they could've stayed longer and I could've taken more time off and we could've done a lot more. Somehow we ended up exhausting ourselves by Saturday afternoon.

Isa tries to catch a fish at Fall Festival.

Mel gets her face painted!

A pretty flower!

I feel the need to emphasize that friends are rainbows in our skies. Having these girls in my life has meant so much to me. We are each different in our own way and when we meet up we become energized individuals that bring out the best in each other!
Amy and Mel, rainbows in my sky!

I thank you girls and Roberto for giving me the opportunity to share these sweet moments with you and for opening your arms to my children the way you did! All of you! :) I thank my lovely hubby for helping me get the house together for our guests! What an amazing week!!!


Melissa said...

Aww Maria!! You're a rainbow in my sky too! A rainy sky with possible tornadoes today. :-)

I love that picture of Oliva! She throws a hissy and you take her photo! Classic.

Miss you so much!!!!!!

(Pssssst. Move to Philly.)

Mary said...

Okay, that is a classic tantrum stance! Look at those little fists! :) hahaha toooo cute!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Thanks for the compliments ladies! :) Hehe! My dollies fill my days with laughters! LOL