August 13, 2007

Her Second Journey Begins!

Isa's journey that is... 2nd grade has just begun! Funny enough I'm not that parent wishing her kids off to school! In fact I am going to miss her so much and I know I am going to feel somewhat empty the following weeks. My Isa is so full of life!

This is Isa in her new homeroom class.

The house beams when she's around. She our very own clown and joker! This morning as I drove her to school, which was pretty packed due to being the 1st day, she proceeded to tell me something that sounded like 'mom, why don't you just drop me off'. She was in such a hurry to go inside and see her friends!

Isabelle showing off her outfit! Cuuuuute!

It brings me great joy that she is confident, happy and joyous about going back to school and not a little one who won't leave my side. While I will miss her, I am very happy she's happy to go back to school and not in tears!! :)(Okay, I'll admit that maybe I was misty eyed.)

Little Miss Oli turns 3 this week!! Toot! Toot!

I know my youngest one will most surely miss Isa... they play so well together! However I have a few plans that will keep her pretty busy too!! :)

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Melissa said...

Such beautiful girls. They take after their mommy! They are growing up so quickly!