August 14, 2007

Inspiring Materials at 58mph!

I accomplished quite a bit today!!! I got one of our van's door fixed today. The lock was broken and it kept making this terrible and very annoying sound every single time we locked it. Funny enough, now that it's fixed, I sorta miss the funny annoying sound... weird!

I managed to also get myself a speeding ticket! Booohoo! I was speeding, which I told the officer I was fully aware of! I admit that I could've been driving a bit slower! I'm trying to decide if I should just pay the fine or take the driving lessons to avoid the ticket on my record. Not sure? In the meantime, why was I in a hurry you ask? Because I wanted to get to the craft store! :) A valid excuse for such a crafty girl right? Hahahaa! What I bought you ask? These adorable and sweet supplies to make invitations for my Isa's birthday! See, lookeeee here!

A very valid reason for speeding: Crafting!

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