December 11, 2007

Just Not Interested These Days

I think I need to be honest and say that I have lost interest for blogging altogether. Maybe next year I'll feel differently (or next week). Right now though, I feel like my life is just too busy. You have blogger, various emails from various accounts, phone, freelance, kids, homework, kids after school activities, dinner, laundry, bills, my space, facebook, etc., etc. Life is already packed with a to-do-list and here I keep adding to it. So I need to evaluate the importance of each of these things I spend my very precious time on. After all, if you know "ME" it's most likely we email each other too! And should I really be sharing details of my life with complete strangers. Hmmm... maybe, maybe not.

And even though I enjoy blogging, I just find a hard time setting time aside to do it. Maybe if I committed to doing it every other day or every Wednesday (instead of every 2 months) ... as it's now 12:00 am, maybe this will count for my every Wednesday. Hahaa! I am so sorry for the gentle rant. It's just I realized that it's easy to overwhelm ones self with a to-do-list that really isn't necessary. So I will most likely be getting rid of this (saving it for memories and the in case I change my mind) and my space and keeping Facebook and Flickr to share pics. :) There! Awwww I'm so sorry! It's time for bed. LOL Good night friends!

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devon said...

that happened to me too maria,.. then for some reason, after the hiatus, i got back into it! i think i just didn't care for awhile there. who knows why? take a snoozer, and you'll be back into the groove when you're ready. plus, doesn't it seem like life takes over? and you HAVE two kids! you were super maria - now take a rest. ;) :D we'll be waiting for you when you come back.