December 19, 2007

Of Course I'm Back!

" Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock.... " It's the holidays. Yay! I have most of the gifts I wanted to purchase covered. Now that I work from home, money matters are more so limited. I want to go crazy shopping for everyone, but the truth is, I rather remain out of debt and only buy with "my" money rather than a credit card. This year, my Christmas list is short too, because I work for myself. Normally I would buy for close co-workers too! I don't mind though. It's not what Christmas is about after all. Right...? Right! It's about love, family, spending time together, the birth of Jesus. Right! :)

Next I'd like to share my joy for my best friend (Mrs. Cupcake), who had her baby boy this past weekend! She did it! The little one was born around 11:40 am, weighing 9 pounds... wow! And he was 21 inches long! Woooow! I was blessed to be there and witness this miracle. Having already had 2 of my own, it's a whole different scenario being present and watching this miracle take place. It was amazing! I instantly fell in love with the little one! And I feel so much joy for the new parents. I'm rambling... all caused by euphoria!

The baking marathon begins tonight! I haven't had a chance to bake much this week. First I'm making peanut butter fudge, some Mocha Buttercream filled Sandwiches, some Candied Tarts and believe it or not, I've never made them, Gingerbread Men (or Women) Heh... so I'll be giving that a try.

Well, enough blogging for me! Dinner's ready! We are having some Bell Pepper Chicken with white rice and some good 'ol veggies. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I shall post the craziness of the day when it takes place. Below is a photo collage of some overdue photos!

The Fall and the Winter...

{ From Left to Right }

Isa as Dorothy and Oli as Tinkerbell in Halloween 2007. Jamel and I up high in a Ferris Wheel in our 8th Anniversary. Isa practicing her new extracurricular activity; the violin. Isa and Oli hugging it out for Thanksgiving. My parents with the grandkids! The new little miracle.

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