July 1, 2008

Irritated 24hrs Ago

I'm not one to "vent" much these days. In fact I don't know that it's a good thing or a bad thing. I use to sorta' explain my thoughts and feelings to people and as time passes, I'm just a tad bit more personal about them. Nothing against my close friends, more so I wonder if it's all that necessary to overwhelm them with stuff that will probably be categorized as extremely minuscule and unimportant. Yesterday though, I was extremely irritated by the lack of punctuality on someone else's part. I had arranged my schedule to sell some PS3 controllers on Craigslist and the candidate arranged to meet me at 6:30pm. I was at my mom's at the time, we got to cook together, had dinner and when I looked at the clock, and realized all that took longer than anticipated. I hurried it up and got home by 6:20pm. Note: My mom lives about an hour away.

Well, 6:30 rolls, 7:00 rolls, 8:00 rolls, 9:25 rolls and RINGGGGGG! -- My phone rings. I didn't answer the phone, I was furious. I know, I know, see, this is why I don't share much of this because I am sure I am over reacting. However, the guy missed his appointment because he was at the "movies". That for me was like throwing some oil in the already well fired-up Maria. It took about 30 minutes for me to recompose and I know I was tired. To my benefit someone else is interested in buying them. The first candidate is still interested of course, but I can't even think of looking at him without giving him some sort of moral speech about punctuality and respect of other people's time. ** This surely is my father's side ** My mom is the creative, free spirit side **

Ahhh I know, no big deal, relax, I'm over it but I felt like I rushed for nothing and I'm sad to say that I'm sure I'm dealing with a teenager. :-) I'll have two of those in about 7 years... I told my husband that I felt like calling him and telling him he could have the controllers for free if I could just share with him my "moral" speech!

So to relax I did some window shopping! Call me weird but I LOVE these! Too bad they are way out of my budget: $250.00. Tear! Now where's my sharpie, I have a pair of white flats. * wink *

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Melissa said...

I think in the last two months, I've had about 9 or 10 craigslist no-shows. Like people who would say, "I definitely want that chair. Give me directions and I'll be there at 7pm." And then I sit around waiting and no one shows up! No phone call, no email, nothing! How rude is our society?? I would never just not show up! Unbelievable!

On another note, those shoes are darling! Maybe not $250 darling, but really cute nonetheless!