July 2, 2008

They Should Come With Instructions

November 2005 | Maria & Olivia | It's an Airplane, No It's a Baby

Seriously! Kids should come with some kind of instruction manual, maybe a 'troubleshoot' section or something (preferably in alphabetical order)! Today I had a day that while somewhat not so serious now, was an overwhelming one this morning.

My youngest whom is 3, is going through some "adventurous 3s". She has my love forever and in exchange I'm sure she's left a few mothering scars of stress, gray hairs and I'm sure somewhere in there, a wrinkle or two. My oldest on the other hand has a grand amount of understanding, patience and guidance for little Olivia. I would love for her amazing ways to rub-off on me. I'm so proud to call them mine. The scars, gray hairs, and wrinkle are totally worth it!

September 2004 | Isabelle, Jamel & Olivia | I Just Want to Giggle!

The truth of the matter is that being a parent is truly the hardest job in the world. I used to not think so. I was wrong. The older the children are, the hardest it gets. I wonder if this will change like seasons. My goal, and hope is that when they look back in say 20 years or so, they will know my firmness, time-outs, and "no's" where all done out of love and discipline.

July 2005 | Maria & Isabelle | She Love to Make Faces

Tough day indeed! I would not be the parent I am today without my husband! What a blessing to have him around. I'm not trying to over-sweeten this post, but seriously, without my husband I don't know if I'd be the parent I am today. We rely on each other and I have much respect for the single mothers and fathers holding the foundation on their own. I bow to you!

How My Hubby Makes Me Laugh | "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" | Giggles!


Melissa said...

Look at how tiny Olivia is in that 2nd picture!!!! Aww!! Don't worry, I'm sure it'll get easier when they are in their 30's. :)

devon said...

i hear ya girl. without craig, who would tell me i'm crazy when i want to put a hat and mittens on her when it's 64 degrees... or that she won't starve when she goes to daycare. it's like they are the voice of reason when our emotions take over. and our other 50 percent to the 100. we're lucky to have such good men in our lives. most men don't know how to be "real" men.

Mrs. Maria said...

"The Voice of Reason". I really should make that a card... "You are the voice of reason"

Really, my hubby is a huge voice of reason and sometimes I know I don't listen as well as I should, but AMEN, bless them! :)