July 14, 2008

Long day... I have some projects that require attention so I must not play around, distract myself or be doing what I am doing now, as I am going to be up for a long time.

My beloved is in Los Angeles attending E3. Yay! Woot! It is his chance to geek out, 100% about electronics and video games. (Mostly video games.) My beloved half has a sincere passion for all things techy. I tease him because in all he's not just my husband, friend or the father of our children, but he is my very own personal IT. I often tell him, because of that, he's a keeper!

I love his techy ways and some days I know I come in between the techy ways. But seriously speaking, I am so glad and proud that he has the opportunity to attend this event where he can find a home for his never ending electronics knowledge and video game interest. I recall back in '98 sitting by his side (then too, madly in love * giggle *) and watching him play Final Fantasy for hours, and to this date I am every now and then captivated by how amazing a video game's story can be, or the articial intelligence, the environments.

I don't play all that often but I do play every now and then. I dedicate this post to him. He'd be so proud:

Top 3 favorite games I have loved watching Jamel play:
1. Bioshock
2. Ico
3. Shadow of the Colossus

And here are 3 games that I've enjoyed playing with Jamel:
1. Boom Blox
2. Rock Band
3. Super Smash Bros. (Brawl or Melee, this one's a family favorite)

And somehow this reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite, you know that song... teeehee!

Napoleon Dynamite - I Love Technology


Melissa said...

Aww, so sweet! I never saw that video, haha! I need to come out there and play rock band with you guys!

Mrs. Maria said...

I think we'd have a blast!