July 15, 2008

I Did It

I held Peter (the hamster). How silly. I was a nervous wreck but I held him. He was a nervous wreck too. To tell you the truth, I don't know how I'm going to do that again. I'm gonna have to because I'm going to have to clean his cage and I will, it's just I thought this would be easier for me. Isa (pet owner) is scared to hold him because he bit her. So that leaves me with the chore of taming him and aiding him at feeling secure and trustworthy. I didn't really have pets when I was little so this is not easy for me. It makes me so nervous when I have to go in his cage and hold him. He's so fast too. Last night before I went to bed I heard this noise that freaked me out and as I went to see downstairs I noticed it was Peter chewing on his cage. Geez!!! So I looked it up and I found multiple reasons for this:

1. Boredom
2. Brain Damage
3. Moody

I truly hope it's just boredom. If he does it again and again then I'll take him to be looked at. I already love the little guy so I'd hate for him to be sick. :-( I'm scare to hold him, that's all but I think he's adorable. Particularly adorable when he runs on the wheel at the speed of light!

I'm going to the pet store to get him toys to chew on. Poor thing, I kept trying to distract him so he would stop and he just kept going. Eventually he stopped. Mind you, this was at 3 a.m. so if I were to rate my effort from 1-10 it be 7. In the end I thought it be easier and it stinks a little that Isa's scared of him. I encouraged her to wear gloves so she would be more confident, that's what I did because I wanted nothing to do with bites. I'm sure someone reading this finds it hilarious. I'm a good wife, friend, mother, daughter, just not very good at handling pets. I admit it! :-)

Completely unrelated to the topic above, however, I must share that I bought some blankets for my bedroom to go with my new tropical waterfall walls. I've been eyeing these for some time now and they were on sale, so I dove in! Pretty! Can't wait to see them on my bed.


Jeope said...

All hamsters appear nervous, I think. When you clean his cage, just pop him in your bathtub (not sink; some sinks are too shallow and they can get out). As for the cage-biting, that's normal too. No matter how content he is, he's always going to chew in an attempt to get out. That's a rodent's nature. And give him lotsa stuff to chew on: toilet rolls especially!

And don't give him an After Eight dinner mint – that's how my mom killed my hamster!

Mrs. Maria said...


First of all, you always make me laugh. A dinner mint, really? Poor guy passed with good breath! How old were you? Were you understanding or were you upset? I warned my oldest about how long Hamsters live before we got him. I know "I" will be the one in tears when the time comes to say goodbye.

Second, thank you. I would've not considered to put him in the bathtub. I was planning on picking him and putting him in his run-around ball which I have yet to try. LOL. Glad to know the cage chewing is normal. He didn't seem to do much of that last night. He also doesn't seem too interested in the toilet rolls, he's still warming up, I actually had some in there the day he attempted to chew his way into freedom. LOL He does however like the "health" balls... He's so cute. I'll post an actual picture of him. I just have not had a chance to capture the moment... :-D Thanks J. Your advice and comment brings much relief! -- M.

Jeope said...

The details: when I was seven we had a short-lived hamster I called Sunflower Seed, in honour of his favourite food. He ate, ran in his wheel, rolled in the plastic ball, all that good hamster stuff. And in the days leading up to Christmas, my mom treated him to one of those After Eight chocolate-covered mint wafers – and a couple of days later he died. There's no absolute proof the mint was the culprit, but it's been a running joke to this day that my mom murdered the hamster.

Mrs. Maria said...

Why is chocolate so dangerous? Poor little guy. I need to get better at the pet thing... it's a must! ;-)