July 16, 2008

Relaxing Times

Today was a good day. It was a kick back, take off your shoes and hang on a hammock kind of day. My friend Elizabeth came over. I actually feel horrible because I don't think I have a picture of Elizabeth. Shame on me... We've been friends for a long time now and she is such a peaceful presence in my life.

We have a lot in common in faith, parenting, baking passions to name a few, and it's nice to have that in a friend. I feel inspired as a mother when she visits. She is my mothering role-model. I don't think she reads my blog all that often (time is of essence for them as they spend a large amount of the year on the road for the family business) but if she does I want her to know that she is an immense blessing in my life. It's nice to have another mother that understands what you are going through in an honest way. With Elizabeth I know I don't have to pretend to smile when I feel like I'm going to go mad. Everyone needs an Elizabeth. She also has an almost 6 year old, little Hannah. They came over today and the girls had a fun time playing dress-up, Barbies and eating yummy chocolate pudding while us grown-ups got to talk and talk and talk! Below is a photo of almost six-year-old Hannah and my eight-year-old Isa Pizza!

June 2008 | Hannah and Isabelle

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