August 6, 2008

A Fabulous New Me

Image Courtesy and Property of Oxygen for Women Magazine

I have officially set an appointment in the hopes that I can hire a personal fitness trainer from the gym I'm a member of. I know I'm not way super unfit but my body could afford to lose a few pounds. I'm sure you hear this often, the story where one wants to lose weight, joins the gym, but never really goes. That's me right now. Seeing that I will be 30 in a couple months really motivates me to really put an effort into getting my body in shape. This wouldn't be the 1st time in having a personal trainer as I did this way back when my oldest was 3 or so and I had this awesome trainer. His name was Clinton. I tell you, I had the best biceps of my life! Nothing like the picture above, but I had muscle. I could use some awesome biceps...

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