August 20, 2008

In Need of Some Giggles?

I've had a few busy days and I am just so drained. I want to slow down but the to-do-list just continues to increase. I envision the work sitting at the top of a mountain and I'm close to the easy ride down. In the mean time, last night around 10:30pm or so I was watching the Olympics. I finally caught a glimpse of the gymnists. Anyhow, this commercial came on and it just melted my heart. Laughing babies are so "the it" thing right now. Do a search on You Tube and you will find a never ending list of giggles. Too much fun. Below is the AIG commercial that just captured my heart. The little guy just melts my heart! Makes me want more kids... ** giggle ** but two girls is good for us. :-)


Patricia said...

We must've seen the commercial at the same time. My husband and I saw it for the first time last night and where totally cracking up. He's too, too cute!

Mrs. Maria said...

It's just his giggle and head full of hair... just so, so cute!!!