September 22, 2008


I disappeared for a bit. I've been taking up space among other areas of my life but the month of August was ** a word I can't seem to find goes here ** and I'm taking what I learned during that month (which was a lot) and making changes based on what I've learned. Am I speaking in riddles...? mayyyybe! But let's leave it at that.

On a fun exciting note my hubby and I went on a date this weekend! ** in a childish voice ** "We went on a date, we went on a date". We tried something we hadn't done before. We went to this place called F1 Race Factory and I took him indoor kart racing.

There I found out that he is fearless to speed! It was fun to put on the helmet and the racing gear is optional so we skipped it but it was available should you choose to wear it. I wish the place had been a bit more crowded so we could've had the opportunity to experience a real race but when it was our turn, it was just Jamel and I racing... guess who won 1st Place? Before we headed out for some huge and delicious portions of Italian cuisine, my hubby noticed how there was was an indoor rock climbing wall. Jamel wanted to give it a try - I too thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to try it myself. Whoa! That is more exhausting than I had anticipated and it literally left me out of breath. I need stronger fingers and a stronger upper body, little shoes for the little rocks and some gloves for the next time around. I actually woulndn't mind doing that again with the proper attire. Below I leave you with a few shots of our magnificent rock climbing talent.

It was a nice view from where I was standing...
I would've taken more photos but I was a tad bit distracted.

Exhausting but fun!

Next time, the proper attire will be of huge help:
little shoes, sporty clothes and most definitely, strong fingers.

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