September 10, 2008

Is Love an Action or a Feeling or Both?

A few things I must share on this day:

Don't take the one you love the most for granted, are you truly expressing your love for the ones you love with more than words? Make it actions starting today! Lastly, love is always worth fighting for!

Want to read a book that you could transform the way you express love, check out The 5 Love Languages if you have not already. It was a great read!

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devon spec said...

our marriage counselor (we had to see a catholic couple before the church would let us get married) told us about that seminar (5 love languages) and we missed it. to this day i regret it. i take craig for granted everyday. i am such a grump when i get home. my days are so long now... sometimes i feel like we're drifting apart, but this post helped remind me what is most important. and to not let it get to a point where one of us has to fight for another. good reminder maria. :)