October 20, 2008

Excellent Weekend

I had to share that I had the most wonderful weekend with my hubby and my princesses! We were invited to a picnic that was put together by one of my main clients whom I freelance for. They are such an honor to work for. There we enjoyed the company and some awesome catered Famous Dave's BBQ! I have to brag a little, as they gave me a certificate that tied into the picnic's cowboy theme. I was awarded the Bronco Award:

"for riding the design bronco with perfection,
winning all those coveted 'design' awards for her beautiful sites,
and for always doing it with a smile. You go girl!"

Olivia and Mr. Chocolat laughing it out.
** he tickled her **

Isa, Daddy and Oli, who at the end of the picnic
was running a mild fever. Poor thing.

Later, on the way home, Jamel made a pit stop by Game Stop. Guess what he bought? The SingStar Bundle for PS3.

We rocked this high class fancy karaoke game to the tunes of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (this one was my favorite), Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, Mr. Brightside by The Killers and more! We sang 'till we could sing no more. Everyone should have this game. I told Jamel we need to have a SingStar party! I am not ashamed to say I loved the game! Bring on the Karaoke! (Thanks love, this was a fine investment!) I'd like to think he bought it for me...

Sunday we chilled out and made a delicious roast. ** Mouth Waters ** and today I'm making enchiladas with the left overs. I better get rolling because I've been out of the house most of the day. Happy Monday!


Melissa said...

I want to play Singstar!!!!

Jamel said...

Of course I bought it for you silly!

Maria said...

I knew that! ** GIGGLE ** :-)

Maria said...

Mel, next time you're in AZ we'll play!

devon spec said...