October 27, 2008

Wow, Speechless After 9 Years

** Warning, Lovey Dovey Post Below**

I want to elaborate in detail the amount of excitement that it brings me to be able to share with those of you who read this blog that my husband and I celebrated 9 years of being married together this past Friday, October 24th. However, I find myself speechless. I find myself emotionally silent wanting to just sit still in this moment, I have such a tremendous amount of joy I cannot begin to put into words how happy this makes me feel and my keyboard is about to be showered with tears of joy! Excuse me as I'm a tad bit emotional.

I still feel the same I did yesterday, when I boldly approached Jamel to go to a concert/date with me back in August of '97. The photo above was taken about a year later when we once again, boldly, moved in together. I don't know what the secret is to staying married and I don't know the secret ingredient in making relationships last a lifetime, but the one thing I know for sure is that I choose to love this man until my heart beats no more. I choose to make him as happy as I possibly can and be here when he needs me.

This past week Jamel surprised me with an amazing romantic getaway to one of our favorite spots in Sedona, Arizona. He planned everything so carefully, flew my mother in law into town quietly and booked us a two night stay at a favorite resort, he even rented a getaway ride... He surprised me with flowers after a walk in the town and we had such an AMAZING time. I know this took a lot of work. I am just speechless still and I feel like I'm walking on air! ** Blush **

Jamel, you must know that nine years later I am still sure that I choose you to be my partner, my friend, the father of our children and the man whom I want to love forever and a day... This past weekend I literally felt like a queen! It was a dream and I am still very speechless about it all. Thank you Jamel for an amazing anniversary gift and for giving me 9 years (more like 11) of your heart, of your life, of laughter, of sillyness, of support and encouragement. Cheers to another year together! I love you!


winstead family said...

what a sweet man you have!! i love to read about people in love after so many years! :) cheers to you!

Mrs. Maria said...

Thanks so much!!! :-)

Jamel said...

You are worth it, every bit. I am the one who should be thanking you, it is because of your love and devotion that I feel motivated and empowered to do these things for you.

I love you babe!

Mrs. Maria said...

** MELT ** I love you too! ** Sigh **