October 12, 2008

Let's Do the Math | 20+10=30

I am officially 30! My birthday was October 9th. I have to admit that I had the blues the day before. I always thought I'd welcome the day with a joyous celebration, but it was a day where I felt as if life decide to put a 'check-point' on it. It was a moment to reflect the things I've done and the things I have not done. To see how far I've come, or how short I've arrived. I don't mean to be hard on myself but I usually have high expectations, and right now more than ever, I have even higher expectations of who I should and should not be.

I had an amazing birthday. My Jamel got ready for work as usual and we said our 'see you later - love you' greetings. I got ready to take my oldest to school but about 45 minutes later I hear my Jamel come back. He said he had forgotten something, he had forgotten to tell me that he had taken the day off, and the day after, just for me, for my birthday! That made me feel so special! I needed him here and his company and that alone could have been my gift and I would've had a fabulous day. However, that's not how my Mr. works it. He came home with groceries to make me breakfast! Then we spent the day together doing the things that we both love. In the evening we had a sitter scheduled because Jamel told me to dress nice for an outing, but he wouldn't tell me where or what. The suspense sure made it much more exciting!

He took us out to eat at this wonderful hidden gem in Phoenix called Richardson's, Cuisine of Mexico. The restaurant wasn't just comfortable, the mood was perfect, the lighting, the seating. Perfect! The food was amazing! I had an amazing dish with Pork Chops and Chorizo served with these amazing 'green chile potatoes.'

After our meal we drove over to another 'surprise' location... Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Bar. A wine bar that offers a variety of wines and chocolate, among other desserts. There we found a spot were we shared an order of Fondue for 2 and a few glasses of wine. The rest of the evening is for me to know and for you to never find out! ** Wink **

Jamel of course showered me with gifts. The treasure box included the following from my wish list... and yes, I'm spoiled!

- Hello Cupcake! by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson
- Many Ways to Say I Love You by Fred Rogers
- The Adobe Illustrator WOW Book by Sharon Steuer
- iPhone Case by SwitchEasy (my iPhone looks so sexy!)
- Sex and the City – The Complete Series | Collector's Gift Set

I love all my gifts! However, one is a favorite. He got me a book by Syuzi Pakhchyan, Fashioning Technology. Wow! It's filled with projects that allow you to learn electronics while crafting. I feel so challenged and ready to jump in! It requires a lot of read before jumping into the first project, since I know nothing about building a circuit board, but I am so inspired to learn something new. I feel like this book is just what I needed!

I had the best birthday ever. Thank you Jamel for making it amazing, being here for me for the past 11 years, for being my rock through my best days and my worst days, for loving me every day and loving me in the days that I was most unlovable. Thank you!

Turning 30 was a 'check-point' and I'm excited to see what comes of it. When I reflect on it, I have so much to be proud of. I am well educated, I have a handful of amazing people that surround me, I have a beautiful family and an amazing partner in my life. I have a lot to be thankful for!

{ sorry for the long post }


Jamel said...

Just wait till you see what I have planned for our anniversary! (Giggles malevolently)

Mrs. Maria said...


Can't wait... luckily it's not that far away! ;-)

In my best Napoleon Dynamite version:

Melissa said...

WOW!! What a wonderful day!!! That beats my birthday. I'm still giving Rob a hard time about not getting me a gift Hmmph.

Oh my gosh, I ALMOST bought you that cupcake book!!!! I changed my mind at the last minute though, thank goodness!!! Great minds think alike, I suppose! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. But next time you come east, I'll take you to a special birthday "Making Time" event. Haha! :)

Mrs. Maria said...

A baker can never have too many cupcake books! Just so you know. :-) Next time we go East and go to Making Time and Karaoke singing! LOL Muuuhahah!