October 7, 2008

Early Bday Presents

Just a quick short post. Two wonderful birthday gifts. First, from my beloved, my very own Xbox controller. There's this game my hubby and our two girls play and it allows up to four players but we only had three controllers. I can finally join in the game!

The card and wrapped gift are from one of my closest friends, Elizabeth. I have not opened it yet. I was going to wait but I'm thinking I can't wait two days to open the pretty box. Two wonderful gifts! I feel special!


Melissa said...

And another on it's way!! I'm a little delayed because I haven't even had time to go get lunch, let alone head out to the post office. Work is driving me crazy. :-

Your birthday is in a few hours!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Maria said...

I'm the queen of delays. I still need to mail yours! I'm terrible!