October 30, 2008

My Little Spider

I am short on time today. I have some Halloween stuff to get done, like baking creepy finger cookies. I promise to post of a photo if they are worth showing. I wanted to share Isabelle's costume for school. Her class usually celebrates Literature Day which is a safe route in the allowing kids to dress up as a character, but not include the political issues or offensive terms of celebrating Halloween. The class chose Charlotte's Web as the Literature Day theme. Isabelle chose to be Charlotte. I put a quick costume together for her and I think it turned out quite adorable. She was so happy to wear it, which in turn made me happy to have made it just for her. I procrastinated a bit and excuse the antennas as I was confused due a diagram I had referenced and in the rush of the morning, I mistakenly thought the spider had antennas. ** Silly Me ** She looked adorable. I'll share my finger cookies with you tomorrow, wish me luck!

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