October 29, 2008

I Did My Homework

A couple days ago OperationNICE had a beautiful assignment: Make a Love List. I just realized, I didn't post mine on my blog. Here it is... and if you haven't already, please stop by OperationNICE. I guarantee you, you'll feel good there! Below is my "Love List". Give it a try... if anything you can get the work turned in for 50% of the grade... * tehee *

" I love how my husband loves me, how he sees me, the real me and how he goes out his way to make sure I am happy, even at the hardest times. I love my husband's laughter, the sounds and the visual reaction is exhilarating and contagious. I also love my husband's ability to retain an immense amount of information, and I consider him a genius or consider that his super hero power because I am not capable of doing that with such a natural ease.

I love the family my husband and I have been blessed with, my daughters and all of us together, I love how our little family brings us back to the center of our hearts. I love the laughter my daughters generate for me. I love how my oldest daughter has an immense passion for knowledge and willingness to help out and how my youngest loves to show affection and knows when to say I'm sorry with loving words. I love how my daughters put together a surprise girls night just for me. I love how my mother kept me honest, loyal and confident and I love how my father is able to point out my mistakes even when it hurts to do so.

I love seeing my brother happy with his wife. I love that I know how much my mother in law loves my daughters, I find so much peace in that. I love the friends that I have made in the past 5 years, each one has left a positive mark in my life. I love God, he keeps me in line and focused when everything gets dark. I love the person who put OperationNICE together, she's been a creative role model in the past and continues to be a great inspiration and friend in my life.

I love me for being able to love all these people."

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