October 4, 2008

Saturday! Yeah!

This is me as of October 2008.
I have not cut my hair. I kinda' like it long most days.

It is Saturday! I'm enjoying a nice glass of a Riesling wine. I had a nice relaxing day. I even took a nap, which is so rare! I need more days like this. I need to relax more and more! Today I took my oldest to a Girls Scout event.We sang songs... lots of them and did some handmade musical instruments. My little Olivia, the youngest, got to stay home with daddy and enjoy a morning of Lego Batman. Cuuute!

Ah, I'm rambling! ... And I had two glasses or maybe three of wine, so forgive my immaturity. :-) Okay... I'm watching Six Feet Under, based on high recommendations. Thus far good, but we have it paused as my hubby agreed we need more wine!

Tata for now! :-)


Jeff said...

You're beautiful! :) You're a blesed man Jamel, LOL!

Jeff said...

"Blessed" not "blesed" I really can spell, I just can't type worth beans. LOL