February 25, 2009

Daffodils Make Our Home Happy

** Yes my hunny owns that many videogames and then some... **

I've had some inspiration come my way and I really need to find a way to execute all the ideas rolling around my mushy brain. I want some more hours added to the clock. For those who don't know, I do freelance graphic and web design. As of now I mainly just design the web site prototypes for a couple of private clients. These clients also own a proprietary Content Management System where the web site is built. I've learned the software well enough to train, service and troubleshoot software owners and their clients. This may not sound as much fun to the creative types, but I've really enjoyed learning to use the CMS and being able to feel challenged in fixing technical problems when they occur. It's not like Dreamweaver and it can be quite complex for a new user. I feel very fortunate to have learned it as it has provided a very unique route in my career. My next web design project is in the 'fashion' industry so I am very jazzed and eager to get started on it.

As for my recreational world, I'm loving episodes of The Guild. If you're a gamer you'll find them humorous. I have yet to play World of Warcraft but temptation is looming. I hear it's very addictive and perhaps that would be counterproductive to the projects I have in mind. I love that they're short and sweet and I can relate with the 'imaginary-internet' world as most of mine, even clients are a far away online communication.

Lastly, aren't the daffodils above just delightful?! Picked them up yesterday at our local Trader Joe's who has a wonderful flower market filled with a beautiful and affordable selection of indoor plants and flowers.


Jeope said...

Your dandelions look a lot like the daffodils we get in Canada. ;)

Mrs. Maria said...

** BLUSH ** That's because they are daffodils... duh! Thanks Jeope. I kept thinking Dandelions. That's how much I know about flowers. :-)